What is it about Bali?


Yogyakarta and Borobudur in the central island of Java are the places I have the strongest desire to check out once in Indonesia. Bali, even with all its fame–especially with all its fame–is not even a close third on my Indonesian travel list. Then how did I end up in the Island of the Gods for my first time in the massive archipelago?

Simple mathematics: Spontaneity + Hope.  Read more…


Portraits of Pai: A Poem


Have you ever been to a place,
Where the difficulty to fathom happiness becomes a race
Between a new adventure and a person with the most unbelievable gaze?
I was so high up in Pai contemplating,
How can I even begin explaining this feeling?
It’s peaceful and sublime to be under the Northern sky,
Then again, it is more than what meets the eye.
I see a person whose light shines through.
I draw myself in but with little guards marching in queue.

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The Chiang Rai New Year


New Year’s eve celebration is one of the world’s most awaited annual festivities. It can go from intimate to grandoise in a million different ways from 24 different time zones. On this side of the sphere, I chose to welcome 2017 with stillness in the northern-most province of Thailand–Chiang Rai.  Read more…

Japan Series: Osaka


When you haven’t seen a good old friend for so long, the catch-up will include years-worth of stories over a mass of food and drinks. But if that friend is half-Japanese and manages a restaurant on a high-rise downtown Japanese mall, you get to start the reunion with unlimited world-class whisky–Yamazaki. Needless to say, I wouldn’t have spent my welcoming hours in Osaka any other way.  Read more…

Phuket and Rum? Yessir.


I have relatively high standards for a Beach-Liquor ratio package for a holistic island escapade. When in Thailand, how high can I possibly fly with a quality-crafted Rum in a place Phuketful of surprises? See what I did there 😉

En route to the Kingdom for a longer travel, I thought of giving the tremendously touristic island of Phuket a shot while trying my hardest to veer away from the travelers’ infectious “The Beach” hype. Sure, there are falls, viewpoints, Buddhas, and other attractions to visit but knowing how wild this side of Andaman Sea could get, I knew I could pick my poison somewhere in the shades.  Read more…