What’s next?

Powerful murals. (Penang, Malaysia)

Today is the last day of the first quarter of 2018. I became dormant in updating this page while a shit ton LOT of things happened in the past 5 months.. the same time frame since I left my beloved Chiang Mai and my life became a mess.

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You know the feeling of wearing a new pair of shoes for the first day of school?

That is exactly how I feel: Excited, confident, and ready for the rainy day.

Everything is brand new. From the timezone to the food I eat, from the language barrier to the strangers I now call friends, from living alone in a countryside to planning for the “next step”.  Read more…

By the fire I sat down and pondered

GIF courtesy: RSVP Magazine

“Self-evaluating” is what I would describe the moments of last night. After 5 months of living a new life here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, it took a bonfire in the woods before I could finally say “I’m living it.Read more…


Wall of never-ending colorful youth.

First day of the second half of the year. First of July. I turn 18 for the 8th year.

I had a productive day. Heard two mass in two churches with most number of devotees. Took public transit. Unlike in most part of the world where there’s summer sun, here, July could be the wettest month. Luckily, it didn’t rain until we were home that afternoon. But of all, it was truly a happy birthday for having spent it with my light and rock– Dad.  Read more…