Travel video & snaps: Penang on foot and food


Oh food. There’s nothing better, really.

It’s one of those days when all I can think of is a plate full of goodness. Luckily, Asia is a melting pot of anything divine, food-wise. From Indian to Thai to Persian to Filipino (I need to insert that for bias purposes hehe) to the ultimate staple: Chinese!

I have never been to mainland China nor its little offspring countries/islands, nor to India, nor to the Persian gulf, but one thing’s for sure: My tastebuds have never been satisfyingly raped that it reached foodgasm in this Asian food brothel called Penang.

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Travel Video: Coron

This year was a breakthrough year for me in terms of re-visiting local travel destinations. First it was Cebu (visited in 2011, returned last April) and now Coron (visited 2013, returned a week ago).

Coron–Palawan in general–has a special chapter in my entire travel history and no, we will not discuss further haha. But i’m glad coming back to this beautiful town and its equally beautiful islands reminded me of how much it changed for better tourism, the same way I have changed for better choices in life, generally speaking 😉

Travel guide for Coron, coming up!

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Year by year, i’m OK spending my birthday with my family while receiving well wishes from friends here and there. Last year, i took a bold move on celebrating with friends from the eve to the very first second of the first day of the second half of the year. It was the first time on the first day of July.

This year, my friend Apple booked a room in a premier hotel. Together with my best friend, Monica, all three of us welcomed my birthday tucked in the sheets, dead-tired from work, hungry as hell, all while watching wedding videos! Suicide it may seem for 3 single ladies, but it was.. sensible. It helped us to constantly believe in the art of taking time and the concept of a perfect person in the perfect time.

It was simple. It was intimate.
I had wine on my hand. I had friends in my arms.
It was enough.

I could not express in words how good it feels to reach a meaningful and blessed “quarter”. I may be imperfect in my ways but i have a happy heart and i have a great Father up above who mapped (or still mapping? hmm) a journey better that anything i could ever plan for myself.

And so i raise my glass for another year captured with fullness, chances, and travels. Anything else in between will be considered a bountiful bonus!  🙂

25th birthday portrait.

The class of red in a glass.
The colorful life in shadows and windows.
The ray of gratefulness that is a birthday.

With love,



Round 2 in Cebu: South to North in 4 Days


I knew I took Cebu for granted when i visited the province in 2011. Two weeks ago, in yet another almost-spontaneous trip with the same person i was with the first time, Lian, i finally get to uncover Queen City of the South’s unbelievable total package. Cebu is the first place i visited for my first ever plane ride. I was with 3 of my closest friends in college and it was our first out-of-town trip as “young professionals”. It is where i first experienced staying in a Hostel, sleeping in bunk beds with foreign strangers who speak minimal English. My first habal-habal (motorcycle) ride. The first temple i prayed, wished, and asked for answers using kidney stones. The very first place i felt the need to travel, longer and farther. In short, Cebu is a big part of my many firsts but the second time is far more telling and sweeter in comparison. Read more…