Internal blues = Lemongrass brew


Most kids with Asian moms, especially those who grew up with Asian grandparents, can back me up on this: Coughing? Fresh oregano juice. Skin burn or bruises? Pounded guava leaf.

It’s not because our “forefathers” defy modern medication, they are just smart and practical enough to make most out of the beneficial products from our bountiful soil and tropical weather. Out of thousands of holy grail plants, let’s highlight one of my personal favorites growing up: Lemongrass. Read more…


Breakfast and Smoothies


Breakfast is sacred to me, it’s the most important meal after all. My day heavily depends on how i am fed in the morning. Being a typical Filipino household, it was always Champorado or Pandesal or Fried rice but ever since we started to closely watch what we eat, i introduced a fruit-based and high protein/fiber diet as we jump start our days for work and school, or house (for Mom, in her endless “business” quest). Ergo, enter this healthy, easy-to-prepare, and nutritious fruit smoothies.  Read more…

On Juicing Ashitaba


Another week has passed, another reason to detoxify.

This time, I’ve wondered on another “mighty green” to be included in this week’s juice–Ashitaba. I first heard about this herb last February when I was begging a couple of my guy friends to give me flowers on Valentine’s day. Hilarious but yeah, true.  Read more…

Beets the heat with this Juice


Last night was my first time to check out Greenfield district in Mandaluyong City. Being the far-northern girl that I am, anywhere beyond Pasig City is too much for me to pay a visit especially on a pay-day weekend which equally means traffic all over town. But I was glad that I went there to do two things: 1. Catch up with friends and 2. Hoard organic produce! Read more…