Japan Series: Kyoto


I had quite a difficulty composing this part of the #JapanSeries. This post holds the record of most number of sighs in one sitting. Why? Because out of my 12-day holiday, I spent just one night in the old Imperial capital of Nippon. One. *Sigh

It was too short. One Vienna-sausage-kind-of-short day when I could’ve stayed German-Frank-kind-of-long. Don’t be misled now 😉

So here’s my 24-hour perspective of the historic city of Kyoto. Read more…



Wall of never-ending colorful youth.

First day of the second half of the year. First of July. I turn 18 for the 8th year.

I had a productive day. Heard two mass in two churches with most number of devotees. Took public transit. Unlike in most part of the world where there’s summer sun, here, July could be the wettest month. Luckily, it didn’t rain until we were home that afternoon. But of all, it was truly a happy birthday for having spent it with my light and rock– Dad.  Read more…

Donsol-Caramoan: From Whalesharks and Fireflies to Beaches and Bonfires


The Bicol Region is more than coconut milk-based dishes and land of “Uragons”. Situated at the southernmost tip of Luzon, this region can make or break your travel bucket list.. even companionship.

For a 5-day holiday, our trip started in Donsol, a first class municipality of Sorsogon province famous for its Whale shark interaction activities then wrapped it up in Caramoan, a peninsular town of Camarines Sur made popular worldwide by hit TV series “Survivor”.

This region has long been a procrastinated travel destination on my list, but it only took quarter of a second and a charming bribe to make me hop on a last-minute bus to Legazpi for that epic inter-region soirée.  Read more…

Japan Series: Nagoya


I was dreaming of an Indonesian island and cultural escapade to cross off South East Asia on my travel map. But since it’s a year-end travel, why not something authentically oriental? I thought, I want the kind of New Year celebration with festive traditional food in dropping temperatures… I knew could not go wrong choosing winter in Japan!

I spent two weeks in Japan from Dec 26 – Jan 5, traveling solo. My entry point was Nagoya, then I went for a quick stop in Kyoto before spending a couple of days in Osaka to meet my long-lost friend. I went further south to Hiroshima and Miyajima, then to mountainous Shirakawago for New Year’s Eve — a.k.a. for a legit snow experience. I went on a  relaxing trip in Takayama and then finally toured lively Tokyo before heading home to Manila.

Follow this #JapanSeries for tips on places I visited, accommodation I stayed in, food I devoured, transit I used (or misused haha!), and the over-all journey of being lost in translation in the Land of the Rising Sun!  Read more…

Chaffles: From downfall to ‘Cruffle’



Out of passion, from my heart to yours.

The greatest of love stories are not exactly stories about love, but also of failures to little victories.

And so I guess it’s timely that i share the real beginnings of Chaffles.

It could be as simple as a heartbreak turned gold, but it’s the in-between that made moving-on a colorful process and one of the sweetest blessings in disguise.

Full disclosure: Not going to be too dramatic 😉 Continue reading