Bucket List

I want to be reminded of how I lived life, how good or bad my choices were, and how I pushed myself to the limits. I want my life story to be filled with breathtaking experiences than flashy material things. I need to know that I have done something significant for myself and for the people around me. I want to look back at my risky but extremely fun youth when I’m all wrinkly and not regret on doing the following:

  • Sky Dive
  • Scuba Dive
  • Cliff Dive
  • Bungee Jump
  • Witness northern or southern lights
  • Experience Snow (Japan Series)
  • Pole Dance
  • Fly a plane (Ultralight plane Experience via Angeles City Flying Club in Pampanga, May 2015)
  • Get lost in an unheard-of country
  • Collect postcards from all 196 countries in the world (Let’s #postcardswap! Check out my collection here.)
  • 40 countries by 40 yrs old
  • Learn and fluently speak a foreign language
  • Backpack Europe
  • Have an Indian Name and wear a Saree
  • Drive a Pick-Up, specifically Ford Explorer Sport Trac (Palawan, June 2018)
  • Muay Thai in Thailand (October 2016)
  • Watch a Spurs game live at the AT&T Center (Watched a Laker game instead at Staples Center, January 2019)
  • Have a picture with Tim Duncan
  • Live Jazz music at the streets of New Orleans (January 2019)
  • Play hoops at “Tree Hill” River court in Wilmington (Removed by the local government as of 2016 😦 (Visited the site anyway yey, December 2018)
  • French Pastry lessons from a French Patessier
  • Reach at least Base camp of Mt. Everest or Mt. Fuji
  • Antipodal travel
  • Explore a portion of the Amazon
  • Be an Organic farmer for a week
  • Acquire a Culinary certificate or diploma
  • Own a cozy deli
  • Immerse in a vineyard or whisky distillery
  • Volunteer in Africa
  • Be a Vegetarian or a Pescetarian
  • Win an award
  • Publish a recipe book or any book
  • Be seen on International TV
  • Sew a dress or any clothing from scratch (Likha Manilenia, April 2018)
  • See a castle and be inside one (Japan Series)
  • Caribbean Cruise
  • Live independently abroad (By the fire i sat down and pondered, December 2016)
  • Own a house with an Asian-inspired garden and a big kitchen
  • Travel around South America and get wine-drunk
  • Make a travel video of African Safari to the tune of Savage Garden’s “Animal Song”
  • Marry the same person twice (Beach or somewhere secluded)



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