I remember being a naive 22-year old traveling the mean streets of Bangkok, with a bottle of Chang in hand trying to escape the harsh working environment in Manila, I made a mental list of what I want to achieve in a 5-year timeline. It was not a long list, but (at that time) it felt unattainable. Two of the items included in that list were living abroad and traveling in Europe. Seven years later, both panned out in their respective timings and it made me realize nothing is unattainable. It’s more about the unconscious grit for goal-digging.

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Travel video & snaps: Penang on foot and food


Oh food. There’s nothing better, really.

It’s one of those days when all I can think of is a plate full of goodness. Luckily, Asia is a melting pot of anything divine, food-wise. From Indian to Thai to Persian to Filipino (I need to insert that for bias purposes hehe) to the ultimate staple: Chinese!

I have never been to mainland China nor its little offspring countries/islands, nor to India, nor to the Persian gulf, but one thing’s for sure: My tastebuds have never been satisfyingly raped that it reached foodgasm in this Asian food brothel called Penang.

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Do you believe in the power of the universe and the signs it sends when you least expect it or when you most need it?

I turned 28. This year I don’t only wish to be a year wiser but I also wish to be a year happier wherever the next chapter of my life takes me.

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What’s next?

Powerful murals. (Penang, Malaysia)

Today is the last day of the first quarter of 2018. I became dormant in updating this page while a shit ton LOT of things happened in the past 5 months.. the same time frame since I left my beloved Chiang Mai and my life became a mess.

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