Green Pastours is conceptualized after the traveler and chef-wannabe in me thought it is about time to document and capture my endless travels and healthier-eating advocacy.

This travel and food blog will mainly feature:

  1. Food and meals that possess healthier benefits and stand as better options in the “trashy” eating environment we are in. Expect that ingredients to be used in these meals are mostly organic, gluten-free, low-carb, high-protein, raw, sugar-free, but does not necessarily mean it will taste like suicide. That is the most common misconception. Let these recipes make you think otherwise and maximize the full potential of the greens around you. This is dense nutrition at its finest!
  2. Travels to places off the radar or that special border that separates a tourist from a traveler. Did you fly miles away from home to see just a new place? Of course not. You spent money and time to experience that place. Big difference. Join and follow this blog to see North not just from the South but from beyond imaginary corners of the sphere.


For collaborations, recipes, and/or punchlines, let me know by filling these out! 🙂

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