Portraits of Pai: A Poem


Have you ever been to a place,
Where the difficulty to fathom happiness becomes a race
Between a new adventure and a person with the most unbelievable gaze?
I was so high up in Pai contemplating,
How can I even begin explaining this feeling?
It’s peaceful and sublime to be under the Northern sky,
Then again, it is more than what meets the eye.
I see a person whose light shines through.
I draw myself in but with little guards marching in queue.

46I could hear Bloc Party, “To be lost in the forest, to be cut adrift..”
Secretly wishing for this moment to last longer than a temporary gift.
This music gives “choice” a chance
But it also questions, “Why so damn absent-minded, why so scared of romance? “


It took us hundreds of curves to get to this nature,
But only a lift of a finger to give into an emotional vulture.
We look at how the leaves fall then spring again.
We feel so good, so beautiful. But unlike the seasons, we are unsure until when.


The roads are wide until it reach another curve.
Some are smooth and meets at a certain point,
While some are rough and instantly hits a nerve.
If you ask me how I’d like to map out this journey,
I’d want to follow the direction of my sunshine,
But it’s never that easy.
So is life and its complexity.
What do we keep after this affair?
The moments of great intensity, the laughters from gummy bears, and
The stolen kisses anywhere with an opportunity.

Until stars favor the happy,
Like the song, “This modern love.. breaks me.”





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