Phuket and Rum? Yessir.


I have relatively high standards for a Beach-Liquor ratio package for a holistic island escapade. When in Thailand, how high can I possibly fly with a quality-crafted Rum in a place Phuketful of surprises? See what I did there 😉

En route to the Kingdom for a longer travel, I thought of giving the tremendously touristic island of Phuket a shot while trying my hardest to veer away from the travelers’ infectious “The Beach” hype. Sure, there are falls, viewpoints, Buddhas, and other attractions to visit but knowing how wild this side of Andaman Sea could get, I knew I could pick my poison somewhere in the shades. 

It is my liver’s most basic reflex to have a quality liquor or try a local beer during my travels. Like in Japan a.k.a. the Whisky paradise, it was Yamazaki and Mizunara (Japanese oak) whiskies all the friggin day. I’ve already had unforgettable Chang beer stories so it’s probably destiny to upgrade to a new and better one: Chalong Bay Rum, an internationally recognized Thai Rum distilled in the very same island!

Sleek hand-crafted packaging of Chalong Bay Rum.

Tucked in the tranquil area south of the island, Chalong Bay Rum Distillery produces white rum that has won several international awards and recognition for its exquisite taste and quality. The distillery offers a very informative tour to learn more about the origins of Rum, to have a preview of their French-inspired distillation process, and to witness the over-all artisanal production of their rums.

The Distillery’s own syrup mixes: Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Lime.

Rums are made from Sugarcane and molasses that go through several steps to get the desired color and flavor of the sugarcane. Chalong Bay Rum uses traditional methods of growing and harvesting sugarcane to produce 100% natural first press cane juice ready to be distilled.

Fact: Thailand is the 4th largest producer of Sugarcane in the world exporting 100,100 thousand metric tons in 2015. It’s interesting to know that the country’s overall export of refined sugar has also now risen considerably as demand for sugar in the domestic market is relatively low and shipping costs to other large Asian economies is inherently low.

The tour costs THB 300 which includes a cocktail of your choice (before the tour) using their Rum of course and a tasting session after the tour. They also have Cocktail Workshops for THB 1,200 for those who want to know interesting facts about alcohol and the best ways to make delicious cocktails all while having fun with friends (minimum of 4 people). Note: It’s not allowed to take a photo during the distillery tour.

Best part? Having a Mojito literally straight from the source!

I’m not even close to having a palette of a liquor connoisseur but since I practically had 4 shots of rum for the entire tour, not including those where I should have mixed in with their divine syrups, Chalong Bay Rum at 40% ABV sits on top of the quality Rums I’ve had, with its extra smooth tropical taste. Plus, it’s Asian produced, I take pride for it 😉


Chalong Bay Distillery

Location: 14/2 Moo 2 Soi Palai 2 T. Chalong A. Muang, PHUKET 83130
TEL:+66(0)93 575 1119

To know more about their list of products and the location, you may visit their official site here.

Chon gaew (Cheers in Thai)!




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