Chaffles: From downfall to ‘Cruffle’


Out of passion, from my heart to yours.

The greatest of love stories are not exactly stories about love, but also of failures to little victories.

And so I guess it’s timely that i share the real beginnings of Chaffles.

It could be as simple as a heartbreak turned gold, but it’s the in-between that made moving-on a colorful process and one of the sweetest blessings in disguise.

Full disclosure: Not going to be too dramatic 😉

Days after the new year 2014, I ended a relationship with someone who practically was the most patient human being to me that time. Break-ups are never easy. I remember crying and driving South to North all while singing along to sappy songs in my #laslas playlist.

It was the second week of January when I tagged my sister along on a trip to find solace. Without a blink of an eye, I chose Baguio. Way before the ultimate hugot movie “That Thing Called Tadhana” came out, the mountains have always been my turf for whenever my soul detaches to my logically human persona. I only had one question to reflect on that weekend: What shall I do to move forward as quickly and as non-bitter as possible? Haha true story.

I was praying fervently at the Pink Sisters Chapel and testing the best of my composure not to lash out midst the silence and privacy of other devotees. I specifically asked for a “diversion” once I get back to the grind in Manila. A few more prayers, walks, tears, alcohol, sugar, and carbs later, I was feeling much lighter on the way home.

1 Wmark smallRenewed and inspired, I toyed around the idea of cooking as a therapy. Our family likes to overstock on food and ingredients with fear of hunger strike (!). I was sorting out ingredients of what’s left from New Year’s festivities when I saw a bulk of graham crackers, condensed milk, and sugar. Adding a few more twist to the mix, I was able to make something more than just a graham ball. What I created were sweet balls that looked like a truffle but tasted like a crinkle. Ergo, Cruffles.

The rest as they say, was history.

I coined the name Chaffles (Dubbed as Cruffles by Charlene), consulted a few friends for the logo and bugged my sister for her Photoshop expertise, made a big batch to do promotional samplings, begged a friend for a product shoot in exchange of a cruffle-buffet, built online and social media presence, and sacrificed sleep and lazy weekends to cater orders as I maintain a full-time day job.

One of my motivators and inspirations to push Chaffles to the next level is my colleague, Ginger. She owns a pizza restaurant while juggling a day-job too and God-knows what other empire she has. She tags me along during her events and reminds me to continue what i have started.

It was also through my closest friends that Chaffles was able to reach a different degree of exposure. My best friend, Monica, ordered almost 30 boxes as office Christmas giveaways.

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How far Chaffles has gone? Well, FAR, literally 1,800miles far! @shielalalalalalala and I (Yes me–Cha, the Mother Cruffler) basically grew up together, played under the sun like most kids, and built a memorable childhood together. Fast forward to today, she's now living and working in Japan. Ever since i started making cruffles, she's been one of the constant supporters. Here's to hope that you're enjoying your doze of homemade sweets fresh from Pinas! 🙂 It's a limitless and "milesless" Cruffle world! Have you had your doze yet? We don't bite, just spreading the sweetness thick! SMS 0926-6167818 OR 0918-331131 for orders/queries! #cruffles #homemade #sweets #houseofchaffles #chaffles #friendship #manila #japan

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And then there were my childhood friends who made Chaffles a part of their personal relationships. Gilbert and Mac, for one. Both of these men made their sweetness felt for their significant others by including my cruffles during their anniversary and simple surprises. Chivalry is truly not dead 🙂 While my other childhood friend, Shiela, who’s now based in Japan, asked her family members to buy her a few box on their way back. Chaffles conquered the miles!

Heartbreaks are not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, i made myself a favor so I can focus on my goals and live my life without boundaries. I thought, ganun pala talaga yun, there are things bound for a difficult closing to open up a braver journey. I mean it not because Rom-com movies say so, but because I was once in that situation and was able to make something great out of it.

3 Wmark-small

Just remember that when we break up we do not necessarily end a relationship. Surprisingly, he remains a friend and we didn’t burn bridges. We occasionally update each other and he just recently moved to Thailand. While I was on devotion back in Baguio, I think I might have not been selfish enough cos you know what he does now in Thailand? Running his own Pastry Cafe. So yeah, what are the odds right? 😉


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Your sugah,




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