Dignified Pan de Sal


Pan de sal or “salt bread” is a staple Filipino breakfast, paired with a hot  cup of coffee. One piece costs Php 2.00, but size, shape, and taste vary per bakery. At least in our local neighborhood of Novaliches, there are several bakeries with a variety of pan de sal to choose from, there are: Bigger but mostly air inside, Crunchy and oblong shaped, Right size and fluffy, and the ones with Malunggay (moringa) leaves.

Peanut butter, Hotdog, Egg, and other spreads are the most common palaman or “fillings” for pan de sal in the morning. It gets a tad boring in time so if you want to give your breakfast a healthier alternative, you can follow the recipe below.

Preparation time: 25mins

1 tsp Olive oil
1/4 cup Spinach
1 pc Egg, beaten
2 pcs Pan de Sal
Cream Cheese spread
Italian spices (optional)

Note: Spinach used is an organic produce. Pan de sal are bought from a local bakery with malunggay (moringa) leaves as part of its ingredients.


  1. Wash spinach thoroughly. Heat the pan and saute spinach with olive oil. Once spinach is soft, add the egg, salt, and pepper. Set aside.
  2. Cut pan de sal in two then toast each side for 30 secs.
  3. Spread cream cheese and put spinach scramble on top. Sprinkle Italian spices for added flavor. Consume while warm.

As you notice in the middle of the photo above, aside from pan de sal bun, i also used a Sugar-free wheat bread. What i realized afterwards is that this can be used as a pita alternative too!

Procedure: Using a rolling pin, flatten the wheat bread into desired thinness. Heat the bread using a teflon pan or a roasting tray for 20-30 secs each side. Vioala, pita! Plus, it’s also wheat based so win-win 😉

On some days when you have left over vegetables and fish from the day before, you can upcycle it to be another healthy breakfast paired with Pan de Sal, of course. Below is my pan de sal topped with lettuce, carrots, cucumber, corn, egg, and fish. Basically the same procedure with the recipe above, i encourage you to be more creative on your food 🙂


Eat your morning greens,




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