Total-Body Workout under 30mins

Truth about Exercise=Food for weightloss (Photo credit: Huffingtonpost)

If you are like me who’s long been battling a fluctuating body-weight, then it’s no news that it’s the true love-hate relationship.

You have probably tried different types of diet and a variety of exercise to look “magazine-cover ready” or at the very least, a human with a body acceptable enough to wink at in front of the mirror. I have researched vast and far, gone gazillions of trial and error, which resulted to mostly terror, to find my perfect balance in terms of weight loss. But really, what have we been doing wrong or what have have we not been doing at all as to why we have yet to achieve our ultimate fitness goals? 

According to expert Shawn Talbott:

“As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise.” 

Upon starting this blog, i pledged to eat better and psyched myself to have a holistic approach by sweating too. Veggie-filled food all-day everyday? Check! I got it so covered. Exercise and sweating? So far, i have only done a few jogs, occasional boxing, and lazy stretching here and there error buzzer. I could enumerate all factors that are hindering my workout-goals but I also know that there are no excuses for a determined spirit, so i’m coming at it in baby steps.

Ergo, i’m sharing with you this very basic but helpful guide on DIY exercise not longer than 30mins. Given the required time for this total-body workout, i can sweat, shower, and eat in an hour! Well, that depends on how long i’ll take rests in between sets and scrub in the shower haha 🙂  (Click on the photo to be redirected)

Photo credit: Buzzfeed


I’m not exactly the most fit person (literally and figuratively) to be giving out tips, but i have a radar bigger than NASA’s to voice out what kind of music our thoughts as recovering-people on fitness have been dancing to.

  • Try Push yourself to wake up an hour earlier than usual. This will give you an ample time to squeeze in a quick morning workout. According to experts, our body is in its best to be stretched in the morning, not to mention our happy hormones are active.
  • Workout in the morning has been said to have a lot of benefits, one of which is increasing your mental acuity, metabolism, and mood. Could be very helpful for the ladies then, huh? 😉
  • Invest on workout gears one paycheck at a time. Again, this will motivate you to workout in fashion, literally! Heck, if you’re vain enough, you cna have a WOFTD (Workout outfit of the day) hashtag on Instagram every waking day.
  • Find a partner to share the pain and gain of sweating. Double up the fun, double up the motivation. I used to go to the gym with my colleague and it was the best push-and-pull year in my life, plus you will have a constant conscience by your side. Can’t take no for an answer.
  • If you have budget to spare, get a gym/studio membership, hire a fitness trainer, or regularly try out other fitness classes. And last but not the list..
  • Make (and keep!) a “who-you” list. Just coz 😉

Must try

This can be considered as my fitness bucket-list or the fitness classes to try out in the soonest time possible!

  • Crossfit
  • Multi-sport
  • Anti-gravity Yoga
  • Pole dance

No pain, no gain,




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