The Gloom in San Felipe, Zambales


It’s monsoon season again and as much as i love the gloom, it tricks my mood to a pit of emotional roller coaster.
It was a long weekend. I don’t want to gloat in my own hormones, so off i go to the beach.
To see pines. To feel pine. It will be pun.
Regardless of weather. Regardless of companion circumstance. 

IMG_5182 IMG_5158 IMG_5187

Waves are strong. Sky is gray. Rain comes and go. Still, San Felipe is picturesque.
An afternoon with no sun but with the sound of the sea. Could be good.


Then there’s the drinking of good red straight from the bottle. Perfect.
Even the wines hold a balance: Tempranillo and Fruity Chilean.
By this time, no longer sure if it’s gloomy or i’m just dazed. I see circles and formations.
Darker and Cloudier.


Cherry on top: The view. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. You look like Keanu.

IMG_5178 IMG_5199

But just like this weekend and this alcohol-dazed state, you’ll remain a comet.
My gravity can’t even hold you down.
And neither could you.


Regardless if you’re hormonal or just want to visit San Felipe, Zambales too, here’s the guide on how to: Click here.

Travel still even when hormonal,




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