The Ultralight plane flying experience

That view from approximately 500ft above sea level in an open and ultra-light aircraft. Wow.

I have ridden airplanes countless of times. From above, I have seen unique cloud formations and different city lights but that one time when I was strapped to a two-seater ultralight open aircraft hundreds of feet above sea level, flying has never been that..recreative 🙂

One of the best product of online voucher shopping is this flying experience with the Angeles City Flying Club (ACFC) in Pampanga. It’s one of those days when I gave in to emailed newsletters and browsed for “hot deals”. I didn’t event think twice because this experience ticks one item off my Bucket list 🙂 And so, more than a month later along with my colleague, Ginger, we found ourselves on the road to up up and away!

It was a 2-hr drive from Quezon City to Magalang, Pampanga where we were introduced to the world of aviation classified on the level of recreation and fun! ACFC claims that they “do not fly for the purpose of getting from Point A to Point B  nor a “starter” choice for individuals with plans to make aviation a career, but to enjoy this activity as a sport for the genuine challenge of flying at a very high level of safety over some of the most stunning countryside in the Philippines.”

The Club has two types of ultralight aircraft being used/rented, either for recreation or flight training: the Quicksilver MXL II (Open aircraft) and the Rans S-12 (Closed aircraft), while the Max Air Drifter aircraft is available as well for use of more advanced pilots.

Quicksilver. It operates to a max speed of 45 miles/hr up to 900ft above sea level. 
Rans S-12. It has the same engine as the Quicksilver but this aircraft can move as fast as 60 miles/hr because of its “closed cockpit” design. 

Ginger and I took turns flying with Capt. Mike Albrecht, our “flying instructor”. He used to be a commercial Pilot for British Airways, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airways before moving to the Philippines. He also owns a hangar in the 8.5 hectare farm property of ACFC with 650 meter runway and 2,400 sqm of total hangar space.

Our voucher covers a 10-min flying experience but we decided to purchase extra 10-mins so we could fly over the foot of the province’s highest peak, Mt. Arayat, and the Lahar river. We thought 20mins was just the right duration for a first-timer. It’s a thrill to stare at the beauty of the countryside from above but it gets a bit boring over the course of the entire flight since you can’t even have a chat with the Capt. as there’s no specialized radio, just the standard earplugs and “goggles”.

Ginger with Capt. “Air Mike”
Strapped! That’s me with Air Mike pre-flight.

Now i know how curious you are as to what’s the view from the top. Here’s a slideshow for your satisfaction 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Prior to going to ACFC, make sure to call their office and reserve a slot especially if you plan to “fly” on a Saturday or Sunday. Guests tend to book in groups especially on weekends. You may contact them at +63918 920 3039.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and wear sunblock. It’s humid above and around the area, much more in an open aircraft.
  • You may bring your action cameras and mount it to the wing of the plane to document your flying experience.
  • If you choose the Quicksilver, remember not to laugh or open your mouth once in the air or else.. there’s a saliva party happening haha!
  • It was around lunch when we flew, some Pilots suggest to fly in time for the sunset for a breathtaking view. I can only imagine how immaculate it would look!
  • After flying, bet you’ll be famished. You can either go to San Fernando or Angeles for a Foodtrip! But that’s a different story altogether 😉
Cha cert
A certified passenger! The reward you will get after you “discover the joy of riding an Ultralight Plane” 🙂


For Member/Non-Member Trial Introductory Flights, below are the rates:

Time in minutes                 Rate in PHP
10                   1,848.00
20                   3,584.00
30                   4,469.00
45                   6,552.00
60                   7,392.00

How to go there

ACFC is located at Woodland Airpark, Sitio Talimundok, Sta. Maria Magalang, Pamapanga. If coming from Manila or the South in a private vehicle:

  • Drive North on NLES to Dau Toll Plaza
  • Remain on NLEX, do not exit to SCTEX. After 3.4km you will reach the Concepcion-Magalang Road. Drive East towards Mt. Arayat.
  • After 3km, you will see TIPCO Paper Factory on the left. Continue for a further 5km to the crossroads to Dolores.
  • Cross Dolores junction to the small concrete road. After 1.6km, turn right and drive 700m. Turn left at the junction and follow the zigzag road 1.6km through Sitio Talimundok. Club entrance is on the left side of the road.

ACFC is open daily (except Wednesdays) between 0800H and 1700H or 8am to 5pm, just trying out the Aviation lingo haha!

Showing off our certificates together with Air Mike, with a Quicksilver and the runway as backdrop. Wow.

As you know, I always document my travel or “life experiences” in video forms. I never claim to capture great angles nor do i posses great editing skills (I’m Jurassic for still using Windows Moviemaker even!) and so i compensate with the execution and wit haha!

Notice how Air Mike has grey hair? And that the over-all experience is like that of Ana Steel? Pardon my 50 Shades of Grey reference on this but this flying experience has got me screaming love me like you do, la la love me like you do!

What are you waiting for… Watch it! 🙂

Ta-Ta-Touch me like you do,




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