On Juicing Ashitaba


Another week has passed, another reason to detoxify.

This time, I’ve wondered on another “mighty green” to be included in this week’s juice–Ashitaba. I first heard about this herb last February when I was begging a couple of my guy friends to give me flowers on Valentine’s day. Hilarious but yeah, true. 

Me: “Diba gusto ng mga lalake that we speak our mind, o eto, sinasabi ko na, gusto ko makatanggap ng bulaklak. Bigyan mo ko ng bulaklak!” (Don’t men like it when we speak our minds, so here i am telling you that i want to receive flowers. Give me flowers!)

Them: “Ok sige, ok lang kung Ashitaba?” (Ok fine, will Ashitaba do?)

*quickly turned to Google*

Me: “Ano ako, may Cancer?!” (Do i have Cancer?!)

Them: “At least, we encourage you to be healthy!” 

Ashitaba is a large herb that grows and originated in Japan. It is used for heartburn, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout, constipation, and hay fever. As well as cancer, smallpox, fluid retention, blood clots, and food poisoning. It is believed that Women also use Ashitaba to increase the flow of breast milk. Its root, leaf, and stem are used to make medicine for the above-mentioned conditions.

Fast forward to my grocery day in OrganiKountry, there’s an available Ashitaba and suddenly I’m reminded that i have never tried incorporating it in any of my juices or food preparations so i gave it a shot. Below is the recipe for my juice with Ashitaba.

Preparation time: 15mins


1 stem Ashitaba (Leaf with stalk)
1 full stem Celery (with stalks)
1 pc Cucumber (ave size)
1 pc Kiwi
1 pc Lemon

Note: Only the Kiwi is not an organic produce.

Procedure: Wash the vegetables thoroughly. Depends on the juicer you are using, cut or break the veggies to fit in accordingly. Include all stalks of Ashitaba and Celery. If you find the pulp watery, you may opt to have a second squeeze. Drink the juice immediately.

Tip: Might be better to add carrots and use Apples instead of Kiwi to further dampen the taste.

15 minutes later, here’s the finished product. It was during this time frame as well that i started to question my choices in life! Let’s just say i have never tasted anything so infused with “strongness” and bitterness in one sip. It was, by far, the greenest and most chlorophyll-dense juice i have ever prepared that i gulped down in less than a minute!

My friends were right all along, what do I need fast-fading flowers on a fake holiday for when i can always choose a real plant for long -term health 😉



Another sustainable tip: Do not throw bottles of commercial juices like Sola etc., they can be juice container alternatives like this one. The look and feel on drinking from these kinds of bottles make the ordeal of downing these greens a little more bearable and sosyalin 😉

Drink your greens,




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